Divorce & Family Law - Probate Law

Daniel Webb heads to court.

Daniel Webb visits the courthouse.

Estate planning and probate administration are another major focus of my practice, and I have been involved in these areas since day one. Most people are very confused about the best way to plan their estate, and the public understanding of this area is worse than most other areas.

For each client there is a best combination of estate planning tools including: wills, trusts and jointly titled assets. Finding the right combination for each individual requires great attention to detail and sharing of information between attorney and client.

In my estate planning practice I seek to simplify and minimize the need for probate administration, but often times it cannot be avoided even with a living trust or other probate avoidance technique.

Sometimes probate administration is preferable to other means of transferring a decedent's assets; when these situations arise, I am ready to administer estates as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that the decedent's rightful heirs receive maximum benefit from the estate.